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When uniqueness becomes system

The Patent

Optic fiber system for the measurement of 2D & 3D deformations.

Proprietary software that calculates in real time the deformation, starting from the stress analysis of the object.


What measure

Direct measurements of mechanical and thermal strain.

Indirect measurements of: load, pressure, deformation, vibration, torsion, inclination, corrosion, displacement, electrical current levels, flow by means of instruments such as accelerometers, inclinometers, gauges of cracks/LVDT, inclinometer poles, deformation gauges, etc.; all fiber optic instruments.

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The main objectives of the "OF" System are:

  • To check the structures, carrying out measurements in real-time using high sampling frequency, with a consequent identification of rapid stresses;
  • To secure the facilities and the people who work in them or use them;
  • To check the structural characteristics of materials of any kind and shape;
  • To verify the behavior of a structure and validate the technical specifications;
  • To monitor the wear and aging of the structures by detecting its mechanical and physicochemical characteristics variations.