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Who we are

NTSG s.r.l. born as a center for research and development of control systems and measures to be applied in various fields of engineering and with the aim of offering its customers targeted technological solutions of the latest generation.
The company’s core team is composed of 24 specialized professionals and avails itself of the collaboration of advisors and external consultants. The company works in partnerships with Dutch, Chinese and English companies.
With the patented “OF” system, NTSG presents to the market a new technologyunique and highly sophisticated, to measure the stress condition and other physicochemical, mechanical and technological parameters, of objects belonging to various fields of engineering.

The team

NTSG consists of a team of 24 people with different training and skills. Aerospace, civil, hydraulic, and electronic engineers, project managers, administration, sales, fiber optic technicians, site managers, IT specialists.

NTSG relies on the collaboration of professionals with different skills, such as consultants and technical consultants. The company works in partnership with Dutch, Chinese, English and Italian companies such as Fincantieri NexTech, Fastweb, Webuild, Sielte, Sirti, Rocksoil, Fibresecurity, others.

The NTSG team presents highly experienced resources with a past in large companies in different sectors, such as Avio, Elettrica Renai, Tratos Cavi, NASA / ESA. At the same time, NTSG focuses on young graduates who show a desire to grow and gain experience in an innovative field such as infrastructure monitoring.

The NTSG staff is passionate and excited to face every day a new notice, application, challenge.

Management people

Paolo Persi Del Marmo - NTSG

Paolo Persi del Marmo


Giulio Pini - NTSG

Giulio Pini

Project Manager

Giuseppe Mele - NTSG

Giuseppe Mele

Sales Manager