Hyperloop technology could make Melbourne to Sydney quicker than plane.

22 September 2017

di Ian Royall

The fastest way to Sydney is by plane. But this high-tech tube might revolutionise the way we travel between Australia’s biggest cities and get you there faster.

Forget the Melbourne-Sydney rivalry: a rapid transport link between the cities could see them become an economic “mega-region” within a decade.

Australia’s booming population could result in an eastern seaboard powerhouse to match others in the world, such as the Shanghai district in China and San Fransisco-Los Angeles in the US.

The inland link might not be fast rail, as is often touted, but a “hyperloop” championed by global entrepreneur Elon Musk and being researched by RMIT transport designers.

The near-vacuum tube would transport people in pods at the speed of sound: just 53 minutes between Melbourne and Sydney.




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