The aerospace sector offers the widest choice of applications for the “OF” System, thanks to the different and sophisticated equipment that is built to be put into orbit or to carry a satellite.

The “OF SPACE” system is involved in three types of applications: ground segment, space vector, satellite. For all of these, the basic measurements are similar and the engineering quantities that can be derived can vary greatly. Typical direct measurements are: strain, tension, vibration, temperature, displacement, inclination, corrosion, pressure.


  • Inside or outside the ground sement, carrier, satellite;
  • Bonded, anchored inside the structure or outside under the last protective layer;
  • Applied in bare or protected fibre mode, to be invisible and not affect the performance of the medium.


  • Real-time monitoring of the deformations and stress state of the different parts of the ground segment, carrier, satellite;
  • Measurement of vibrations induced on the structure by internal and external agents;
  • Thermal and humidity profile of the structure;
  • Monitoring of pressure, corrosion along the structure and its components;
  • Monitoring of displacements, movements, inclinations, rotations of the ground segment.