Cultural Heritage

A heritage to be preserved

In the field of cultural heritage, the focus of the OF system is mainly on protecting monuments from structural failure. A typical example is the control of the buckling of a load-bearing column of any monument, or measurements of inclination or variation of load distribution and so on. The system can also be used to measure deformations or movements of works of art such as frescoes, statues and all works that require structural control.

– On the inside or outside of the work/monument/structure;
– Glued, anchored, also applied in bare fibre to be invisible to the public;
– Applied at critical points/areas of interest in the work.

– Real-time monitoring of the deformations and tensional state of the structure;
– Measurement of vibrations induced on the structure by internal and external agents;
– Thermal and humidity profile of the structure;
– Monitoring of relative and absolute displacement of the structure due to subsidence or the action of external agents;
– Monitoring of the deterioration of the structure/work.

NTSG has developed a mathematical model for the interpretation of the measurements made by the “OF Heritage” system and the calculation of engineering quantities derived from them. The model is implemented in the proprietary software “Edgegateway” which acquires the above measurements in real time, uses them to derive other engineering quantities described in the Properties section and manages alarm systems for the users.