NTSG has developed an innovative method for the automatic control of current absorption and variation based on the “OF POWER” system, which uses fibre optic sensing technology.

The fibre optic technology is based on the transmission of light and therefore on a passive measurement system that can be applied to all types of infrastructures and power grids.

The direct measurements performed by the system are strain and temperature.


  • Around the cable;
  • Along the cable.


  • Automatic control of inrush and earth currents;
  • Detection of leakage losses;
  • Real-time analysis of current flow in cables;
  • Real-time analysis of the power supply load.

NTSG has developed a mathematical model for the interpretation of the measurements performed by the “OF Power” system and the calculation of engineering quantities derived from them. The model is implemented in the proprietary software “Edgegateway” which acquires the above measurements in real time, uses them to derive other engineering quantities described in the Properties section and manages alarm systems for users.