Thermal monitoring of a 1Km deep borehole

Location: Aberdeen
Client: Tullow Oil
Duration of monitoring service: 8 hours
Project start date: 2017

Installation of the “OF TOWER” System was installed to monitor thermal variations within the concrete casing of a borehole during pressurised water cooling cycles. For this project, distributed sensor technology was used, with a specially produced fibre, which was inserted into the borehole.

The system provided   temperature information every 5 cm, with a reading frequency of one data point per second, for a total of approximately 20,000 information points per second.

The installation time of the system was two days and the data acquisition lasted 8 hours.

The measurement technique applied is the distributed one with a fibre for temperature measurements, connected to a single optical interrogator (DTS) on which the Edgegateway software is installed for real-time analysis of the quantities monitored.


1 data per second
1 km of optical fibre
2 days for system installation