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Hydraulic and structural monitoring of the Milan sewerage network with optical sensing fibers.

Route: Gentilino destra, Gentilino sinistra, Nosedo basso
Final Customer: Metropolitane Milanesi (MM)
Duration of monitoring service: active for 12 months
Project start date: 2019

The “OF Sewerage” System is being installed in the left Gentilino and monitoring in the lower Nosedo and Gentilino right, the measured quantities are:

  • The deformation of the shell
  • The temperature in the shell
  • The speed of the wastewater
  • Wastewater temperature
  • Wastewater level
  • Flow rate in pipeline
  • Identification of parasitic waters
  • Access to the pipeline

The fiber optic sensing cables were laid in the sewer pipes at the shell and at the bottom of the pipeline with the aim of  structural and hydraulic monitoring of the pipelines. The system is connected to the MM seat through a multifiber cable that runs through a sewer pipe and connects it to the Nosedo Basso collector.

The objectives of the “OF Sewerage” system are divided into two macro types: structural measures (in the shell) and hydraulic measures (on the bottom of the pipeline).

The measurements carried out in the shell have control over  the deformations of the collector (movements, failures, damage generated by third parties) and of the accesses to the pipeline (opening and closing of the manhole covers).

The measurements carried out at the bottom of the pipeline, on the other hand, are responsible for  the measurement of the level of wastewater in the pipeline, the flow rate, the presence of parasitic water and the formation or laying of debris.

In addition, this system provides a data communication infrastructure during monitoring.

The measurement technique is that of “distributed sensing optical fibers”, which allows to measure the quantities mentioned above, laying one or more fibers on the bottom of the collector and in the shell.

The OF Sewerage system can accommodate, a large number of optical fibers for data exchange and connectivity, giving rise to a modular telecommunications infrastructure, safe and reachable to all points of the sewer network.

MM, through the use of this innovative monitoring system, will be able to optimize its maintenance and control activities of the sewer network subject, to ensure greater safety of the infrastructure, prevent hydraulic problems, especially in periods of heavy rains and  improve the management of the infiltration of eddy water and related filtering systems downstream of the network.


40 km of optical fiber
800,000 measuring points

NTSG supports the customer in data analysis and plant maintenance, providing the customer with a WebGIS platform for viewing and controlling the measurements performed by the system and the alarms recorded.