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34 Bridges on Salerno Reggio Calabria

Structural monitoring of 34 BRIDGES on Salerno Reggio Calabria.

Route: Salerno Reggio-Calabria
End Customer: ANAS
Duration of the monitoring service: until May 2023
Connectivity and Cloud Partners: Fastweb
Installation Partner: Sielte spa
Project start date: 2021

Specifically, NTSG is dealing on behalf of Fatweb with the supply and installation of the “OF Bridge” monitoring system (in collaboration with Sielte Spa) and its maintenance. The system will be installed on 17 viaducts, for a total of 34 works, on the Salerno Reggio Calabria. The inspections began in December 2020 and ended in January 2021, the installation activities began in March 2021 and are still ongoing.

The professional figures involved in the project are: CEO, Project Manager, Technical Director, civil engineers, software analyst, test engineer, site manager, installation partner Sielte Spa.

The project’s goal is: structural monitoring of the bridges, the measured quantities are:

  • the measurement of the tensional state of the spans
  • the size of inclination of the shoulders
  • the inclination measurement of the batteries
  • the measurement of rotation of the batteries
  • the vertical arrow of the spans
  • the transverse arrow of the spans
  • the displacements of the spans
  • temperature
  • deformations of the structure due to thermal effects
  • the measurement of vibrations induced on the structure
  • estimation of passing loads
  • the estimation of the fatigue curve

All measurements are purified of the thermal effect, due  to the information provided by the thermal sensors installed.

The Bridges on which the “OF Bridge” system is operational are:

  • Gallarizzo North and South
  • Pantanelle North and South
  • Paccioni North and South
  • North and South gullies
  • Petrace North and South
  • Cavaleone North and South

The measurements were carried out with a frequency of 100 information per second from each sensor at the same time, the system is operational 24 hours a day for 365 days.

The measurement technique applied is the semi-distributed one with deformation and temperature sensors connected to a single optical interrogator on which the Edgegateway software is installed for the real-time analysis of the monitored quantities. The same sends the collected data to the platform to make them available to the operator in charge of monitoring the work.


419 sensors installed

5,843 km of fiber

Acquisition frequency 100Hz

working hours (h24 – 7/7days)