Viaduct 100

Route: Mondovì and A6 Torino Savona
End Customer: Sina S.p.A.
Duration of monitoring service: duration of the test
Project start date: 2021

The “OF BRIDGE” system will be installed on two spans of the Cento viaduct on the A6 Turin-Savona motorway.

The system involves the monitoring of a bridge with 4 inverted T-beams.

The system will be applied on span 5 and span 7 during the load tests that will be carried out before the demolition of the same.

The measures taken are:

  • voltage
  • temperature


The measurements will be carried out by means of GFRP type instruments with strain and temperature sensors, and displacement sensors. All measurements are purged of the thermal effect thanks to temperature sensors.

The measurements were carried out with a frequency of 1000 information per second from each sensor at the same time, the system is operational 24 hours a day for 365 days.

The measurement technique applied is the semi-distributed one with deformation and temperature sensors connected to a single optical interrogator on which the Edgegateway software is installed for the real-time analysis of the monitored quantities. The same sends the collected data to the platform to make them available to the operator in charge of monitoring the work.


186 sensors installed
500m fiber
Acquisition frequency 100Hz
10 working days
working hours (h24 – 7/7days)