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Access control against the junction of the Bolzaneto station


Access control against the junction of the Bolzaneto station

Access control against the junction of the Bolzaneto station

Customer: Autostrade per l'Italia  


The "OF" system was installed with the aim of detecting a possible transit of vehicles in the wrong direction in the junctions towards Genoa and Milan near the toll booth of Genoa Bolzaneto.  

Forty-four fiber-optic sensors were installed embedded in the asphalt transversely to the direction of travel.

The installation of the system was rapid (3 nights) and not very invasive: it does not involve any protrusion from the ground and allows the removal / repose of the asphalt without interference with the system.

The particular configuration of installation together with the use of carefully selected suitable materials gives durability over time, resistance to external atmospheric agents and mechanical stress.

The measurements were made with a frequency of five hundred information per second from each sensor at the same time, transmitted through approximately 900 m of optical fiber installed, plus the information per second acquired by the system, operating 24/7/7.

Strain sensors were used and connected to a single acquisition device on which the "OF" software runs for the real-time analysis of the quantities to be monitored.  



500 sensors installed

900 m of optical fiber

20,000 information per second h 24 7/7

3 nights for system installation  


The monitoring "OF" system has been integrated into the client's pre-existing web platform and has also been interfaced with visual and sound barriers created specifically for the purpose of alerting users in real time to the operator of the road network at the same time.