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Monitoring of Nesima-Misterbianco tunnel, newly built, with TBM technology and monitoring the strengthening and transformation of the circum-Etnea railway, in the urban areas of Catania and Misterbianco.

Section: Nesima-Misterbianco (First Lot)

Client: CMC - Cooperativa Muratori and Cementisti of Ravenna

The "OF" System will be installed to monitor:
  • the stress condition and deformation of the tunnel segments;
  • the convergence values in four tunnel sections;
  • values of longitudinal deformation of the tunnel, due to the thrusts of the surrounding ground.

The sensors will be drowned in the concrete segments during their production. This will allow to monitor the process of concrete segments hardening.


Four sensors for convergence measurements will be installed in tunnel sections built by traditional methods (jackhammers). Even in this case, the sensors will be anchored to the frame of the structure and drowned in the concrete used for tunnel construction. The sensors for longitudinal measures will not be drowned in the structure, but anchored outside, after the construction of each specific section of the tunnel. 

Each sensor performs simultaneous measurements with a frequency of one data per second. The sensors, installed and connected by a 3 km optical fiber, are about three hundred. About three hundred samples per second are acquired by 24/24h operating system.


Thermal and strain sensors have been installed and connected to one acquisition machine on which runs the “OF” Software for the analysis, in real-time, of the parameters to be monitored.

The monitoring system will be operational by the end of April 2017.



300 sensors installed
Setting-up of 3 km optical fiber
300 data per second

System installation time: 60 days


NTSG supports the customer in data analysis and maintenance of the system, providing web interface for the visualization and control of the readings performed by the system and the alarms recorded.